Model LP4 low profile, electronic piezo sounder is a compact multi-tone sounder ideal for OEM and general alarm applications. The low voltage LP4 provides users with the choice of 32 different tones, selectable during installation. Each electrical connection has two terminals for looping in and out, eliminating the need for a separate terminal block, making installation easier. A second tone is available if a third wire is installed and connected to the second tone terminals.
The rugged white ABS housing provides a high degree of strength and protection from the elements.
The shallow base provides for flush mount wiring, and features a unique twist assembly for easy installation. A deep base with knockouts is available as an option.

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Voltage 9-28VDC
Mount Surface
Mount Panel
Operating Current 4-33mA
Operating Current -13 °F
Operating Current 158 °F
Decibel Output 82 to 100 at 10 Feet
Decibel Output 92 to 110 at 1 Meter
Tone Output - Balanced Signal Line Choice of 28 Tones
Ingress Protection (IP) IP54 with Standard Shallow Base
Impedance IP65 with Optional Deep Base
Height From Bottom 3.000 in
Diameter 3.660 in
Net Weight 0.63 lb
Shipping Weight 0.64 lb


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
LP4-09-028 Sounder, piezo, 9-28VDC, gray 782979203476
Product # Description UPC
DBLP Deep base, off-white 782979221111