Models VS-LED-DTL and VS-LED-TTL Traffic Lights have been designed for industrial & commercial signaling applications where a low maintenance, long life and a cost effective solution is needed. These models are available in double (Red & Green) or triple (Red, Amber & Green) mounting configurations and are supplied fully assembled, pre-wired and mounted on wall brackets ready for immediate installation. These models require external input signals or PLC control to switch visual indication functions (not supplied). Termination is in the base of the bottom unit and can be accessed via 1 x M16 cable gland. Mounting brackets allow the units to be offset against the mounting structure giving the traffic lights 180 degree of angle movement, optimizing the visual indication position. 


Net Weight Weight - DTL (each)0.75 lb
Net Weight TTL - Weight (each)1.10 lb
Ingress Protection (IP) IP65
Operating Temperature Minimum -13 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 131 °F


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
VS-LED-DTL-08-20RG VS-LED-DTL-08-20RG 782979240419
VS-LED-DTL-20-30RG VS-LED-DTL-20-30RG 782979240426
VS-LED-DTL-35-85RG VS-LED-DTL-35-85RG 782979240433
VS-LED-DTL-85-280RG VS-LED-DTL-85-280RG 782979240440
VS-LED-TTL-08-20RAG VS-LED-TTL-08-20RAG 782979240570
VS-LED-TTL-20-30RAG VS-LED-TTL-20-30RAG 782979240587
VS-LED-TTL-35-85RAG VS-LED-TTL-35-85RAG 782979240594
VS-LED-TTL-85-280RAG VS-LED-TTL-85-280RAG 782979240600