I-IPTEL1 IP Phone for Intelligent Systems

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  • Over 60 programmable buttons
  • Phone to phone dialing without SIP Server
  • Phone to Speaker Live PA
  • Ability to activate pre-recorded voice or siren messages
  • Fully functional with IP15 and P100 speakers
  • Static IP or DHCP
  • Web page configuration
  • Ability to send DTMF over MCAST
  • Desktop stand
  • Ability to sync with Internet time clock


I-IPTEL1 is a high-quality IP phone that supports VOIP, Intercom, SIP, and pre-set buttons for alert notification. The IP Phone can be included on an existing SIP phone system or the phone and speakers can be used in an isolated flat IP network. This IP phone supports RTP multi-cast and DTMF activation of pre-recorded sirens/pre-recorded voice messages on the Federal Signal IP series of devices. The phone is easily configurable for pre-set buttons to allow ease of dialing and activations. When used with the Federal Signal line of IP-based speakers, a low-cost alerting system can be configured for industrial and campus environments. An IP phone can call individual speakers for Live Public Address and then use DTMF keypad to activate pre-recorded voice or siren tones. When using multi-cast, the phone can access a multi-cast port for Live PA across many speakers and then dial DTMF for activation of pre-recorded voice or siren tones. This allows creation of zones for wide area or specific notification groups. Multiple phones can be used to create a multi-location control and activation points. Phones can be configured to allow dialing between the phones.

The phone can be powered via POE or from an optional external power supply. The IP phone has 3 color displays to allow ease of use. Each button can be configured for name and color. The phone has high-definition audio on the handset and speakerphone. The phone is configurable for 19 different languages.

The Federal Signal line of Informer IP Speakers have an internal amplifier/driver to deliver tone warnings and intelligible voice messages from stored memory. The Informer IP Speaker also has remote volume control for optimizing sound levels across your alerting area. The remote volume control also includes an ambient-noise-monitoring capability to automatically adjust the volume depending on external noise levels.

Informer IP Speaker allows connection of up to four external switches to activate predefined alert events. The Informer IP Speaker can be programmed and configured as a standalone device to only use the inputs for activation. This may be useful if the location has no network connectivity, but where voice and tone alerts from locally activated inputs is required. The Informer IP Speaker can be networked later for additional functionality.


  • Physical LAN Port: Physical: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, dual bridged port for PC bypass
  • IP Configuration: Static IP / DHCP
  • Power Consumption (PoE): 10.46W maximum
  • Power Consumption (AC Adapter): 9.13W maximum
  • DC Power Input: 5V/2A max (optional)
  • Working Temperature: 0oC to 45oC
  • Working Humidity: Up to 95% Non-condensing
  • Installation: Desktop Stand
  • Handset/Hands-free-/Headset mode
  • Device Dimensions:
    • Desktop Stand (Angles 1): 239x199.3x185.8 mm
    • Desktop Stand (Angles 2): 239x188.5x195.6 mm


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I-IPTEL1IP Phone with 60 Pushbuttons