GEN-IIB/C and GEN-IIB/C-ISMT Non-Metallic Zone 1 Loudspeaker

GEN-IIB/C and GEN-IIB/C-ISMT Non-Metallic Zone 1 Loudspeaker

  • SPL: 124 +/-3dBA @ 25 W, 1m @ 10’/25 W (tone)
  • 100 Vrms
  • Max 25 W Output
  • Re-entrant horn design
  • Non-metallic, UV Solar resistant housing
  • U Mounting bracket included, optional swivel mount bracket available
  • IP66 rated, CE Certified
  • ATEX and IECEx Certified for Zone 1, Gas Group, IIC or IIB+H2
  • Cable entry: 2 x M20 X 1.5 mm

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Federal Signal’s non-metallic loudspeakers, model GEN-IIB/C and GEN-IIB/C-ISMT, are designed for use in industrial public address and general alarm applications where corrosion resistance and ATEX/IEC Certification are required. GEN-IIB/C and GEN-IIB/C-ISMT are available in an ATEX/IEC Zone 1 explosion-proof version certified IP66 for ingress of dust and combustible gas to Group IIC or Group IIB + H2 (Hydrogen). GEN IIB/C-ISMT differs from the standard model GEN IIB/C in that it includes an intelligent speaker monitoring and tapping (ISMT) interface built into the speaker to allow remote monitoring and tapping of the speaker without needing to physically access the deployed speaker.

GEN IIB/C and GEN IIB/C-ISMT loudspeaker, designed to accept an audio input of 100 Vrms, are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, anti-static glass reinforced polyester (GRP). Each speaker is transformer coupled with a maximum output of 25 W and is supplied with preset taps (25, 15, 10, and 6) to adjust sound output.

Mounting is supplied by a “common template” stainless steel ratcheted mounting bracket that locks the loudspeaker in position at a specific angle without slipping. Optional swivel mounting bracket contains three slotted mounting holes to further adjust speaker position and adapt to a variety of different surfaces.

Connection for field wiring is provided by two M20 x 1.5 mm threaded openings in the bottom of the main speaker bottom and terminated via internal terminal blocks. All external hardware is manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion and provide serviceability for years to come.

Gen II Speaker Diagram


Gland Entries: 2 X M20 X 1.5B mm

Cable Terminations: 2.5 mm2

Conductors Size

(GEN-IIB/C/GEN-IIB/C-ISMT): 232.2 mm (9.13") Height

347 mm (13.66") Length

Material: Glass-Reinforced Polyester (GRP)

Color: Black

Audio Input: 100 Vms

Max Audio Output: 124 to 123dB @ 25 Watt (1 meter)

Net Weight: (GEN-IIB/C & GEN-IIB/C-ISMT): 14.5 lbs (6.58 kg)

Shipping Weight: (GEN-IIB/C & GEN-IIB/C-ISMT): 16.5 lbs (7.48 kg)


Ordering Info

Model Types
GEN-IICCorrosion Resistant Loudspeaker, ATEX Zone 1 Rated Gas Group IIC
GEN-IIC-ISMTCorrosion Resistant Loudspeaker, ATEX Zone 1 Rated Gas Group IIC
GEN-IIBCorrosion Resistant Loudspeaker, ATEX Zone 1 Rated Gas Group IIB+H2
GEN-IIB-ISMTCorrosion Resistant loudspeaker, ATEX Zone 1 Rated Gas Group IIB+H2
GEN-IIC-LANYARDOptional Cover Lanyard
Replacement Parts
Bracket, Mounting, SlottedK8595172A
Bracket, Mounting, P-LS2BK8595171A