The Federal Signal patented Global Series® Strobes features a high-intensity xenon strobe tube operated at 21J. The housing is made from non-metallic materials designed to serve the demanding needs of offshore marine and land-based industrial applications, and can dramatically reduce the cost of long-term maintenance.

The flameproof “Ex d” versions come standard with two (2) M20 entries. The increased safety “Ex de” versions include a separate terminal chamber for quick field termination or pass-through wiring, and include three (3) M20 entries in a standard configuration. 

 The Global Series Strobe can be combined with all other Global Series audible and visual products in several custom configurations. Custom configurations can be ordered directly from the factory. Optional coupling kits, which allow limited field fixturing, are available.


Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
Light Source/Lamp Style Xenon Lens
Operating Temperature Range -67ºF to 158ºF (-55°C to 70°C)
ATEX/IECEx Certification Marking II 2GD Ex d IIC Gb,Ex tb IIIC Db IP66. T3 @ 70ºC
II 2GD Ex de IIC Gb,Ex tb IIIC Db IP66. T3 @ 70ºC
ATEx: Baseefa15ATEX0154X
IECEx: IECEx BAS 15.0103X
UL and cUL Certification Marking Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D T1 @ 70°C
Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G T4A @ 70°C
Class III T4A @ 70°C
UL and cUL E207119
Guard & External Fasteners 316 stainless steel
Terminals Ex d: 6 way block (3 in, 3 out)
Cable Entries Ex d: 2 entries - M20 x 1.5
Ex de: 2x3 position quad pole terminal block
Ex de: 3 entries - M20 x 1.5
Net Weight Ex d Surface Mount 7.17 lb
Ex d U-Bracket Mount 9.15 lb
Ex de Surface Mount9.99 lb


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