Fire | NightSpire® Truck LED Spotlight

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  • Adjustable spotlight to floodlight capability
  • 360° of continuous rotation
  • 130° of vertical tilt
  • Multi-select synchronization — Sync up to three lights with one controller
  • IP69K — Maximum protection from dust and water
  • Wireless controller; Back-lit controller buttons when activated
  • 3,100 raw lumen output
  • Permanent and magnet mount bases available
  • Five-year warranty


NightSpire® is a truck spotlight and floodlight LED light built-in one. Engineered with a digitally controlled lens, the NightSpire adjusts from 50-degrees of floodlight to a pinpoint spotlight at 4-degrees. This technology not only allows for light versatility but also decreases maintenance due to a lack of moving parts within the lens. In addition, the NightSpire offers 360-degrees of continuous rotation which also includes 130-degrees of vertical tilt.

NightSpire Flood NightSpire Spot Image

The NightSpire follows the mounting footprint of Federal Signal’s flagship beacon – the Spire® 100 and 200. This allows for an easy vehicle upgrade without the additional up-fit process. Like the Spire, the NightSpire comes in a permanent and magnet mount base. In addition, the NightSpire is rated IP69K for maximum protection against dust and water which includes pressure wash resistance. 

The NightSpire spot and flood light includes a full-featured wireless controller. Features include an easy to grip design, back-lit buttons when activated, and a low maintenance standard AAA battery compatibility. The wireless controller allows for multi-select synchronization, syncing up to three lights with one controller. Lastly, the NightSpire has two memory control functions that allow users to automatically move the spotlight to programmed locations.

NightSpire Controller


Amp Draw 3.25 A Peak
Operating Voltage 12 Vdc
Operating Temp. -40° to +176°F (-40° to +80°C)
Light Technology LED


Physical Specifications (light head)
Pipe Mount
Magnet Mount,
Cigarette Plug
Diameter 6.0 in (15.24 cm) 5.19 in (13.03 cm) N/A
Height 7.10 in (18.03 cm) 6.94 in (17.62 cm) 5.09 in (4.5 cm)
Length N/A N/A 1.80 in (4.5 cm)
Width N/A N/A 1.12 in 2.85 cm)
Ship Weight 3.5 lb (1.6 kg)



Ordering Info

Model Types
NS200-MMagnet Mount, Cigarette Plug
NS200-PPermanent/1-inch Pipe Mount
NSCTRL-1NightSpire Wireless Controller
200NS-TALLNightSpire Branch Guard