The FCTBD controller can control and monitor any electro-mechanical siren, and may be used in conjunction with the SS2000+ or Commander PC based software located at a central command point. The FCTBD will automatically report change in status back to the central command point through radio, IP, cellular, satellite or landline connections. The central command point can also poll the FCTBD for current status conditions. Status indictors are provided for intrusion alerts, activations and power issues.  The FCTBD offers the ability to monitor six remote sensor inputs, such as: AC power, low battery and up to three additional sensors to monitor siren operation. The FCTBD is packaged in a NEMA 4 aluminum weatherproof cabinet and comes equipped with DIN rail for 120 or 240VAC power connections, 120/240VAC to 12VDC power supply, gel battery, FCM Plus control board, radio cable for Motorola® Vertex VX-2100 and AC power surge protection. Power wiring is fuse protected, with replaceable fuses. Standard features include intrusion switch for detection of door opening. Battery backup for FCM Control board and radio communications.

The FCTBD can also be ordered as FCTBDH and FCTBDU which includes a Vertex radio transceiver (FCTBDH = high band or FCTBDU = UHF). FSPWARE, an optional software package, enables connection to a computer to modify supplied timing or to create unique on/off patterns for control of external equipment, such as sirens. Programming options via FSPWARE include radio frequency, two-tone sequential tones/DTMF decoding digits for security, custom audible signal tones and independent control of output relays and timing patterns for electro-mechanical sirens. Up to six control codes may be programmed and activated by any combination of two-tone sequential, DTMF, EAS, POCSAG, and digital AFSK. Four of the timing sequences can be initiated using local push buttons or remotely through dry contact closures. The use of Commander Software and SS2000+ allows remote control activation, monitoring and networking of multiple FCTBD Controllers.

The FCTBD can also be equipped with an IP interface to allow high speed connections to the siren controller.
Federal Signal recommends use of Commander software to create a fully redundant siren control system. The FCTBD
is an ideal choice for upgrading or retrofitting one-way controls to two-way status monitoring for use with existing electro-mechanical sirens like the Federal Signal 2001-130, Equinox, 508-128, Eclipse8 and Model 2 sirens.


AC Supply Voltage 120VAC @ 3.0 Amps
Current Draw 240VAC @ 1.5 Amps +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, maximum standby current
Power Supply 10A @ 13.3VDC, 2A @ 13.3VDC
Battery Backup 12VDC - std, ext. Gel and AGM batteries available
Current Draw <600 mA in standby
Serial Port Protocol RS232C 1200, N, 8, 1
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to 65°C
Humidity Range 0-98% non-condensing
Height 62.5"20.000 in
Width 23.5"
Depth 16.94
Shipping Weight 155 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description
FCTBD Two-way Controller with FCMPlus Control Board and radio
FCTBDH Two-way Controller with FCMPlus Control Board and Radio, high band 148-174 MHz
FCTBDU Two-way Controller ith FCMPlus Control Board and Radio, UHF band 403-470 MHz
FCTBD-IP Two-way IP-enabled Electro-mechanical Controller
Product # Description UPC
FSPWARE Federal programming software (Non-digital applications) 78297970500
FS-PL1 Tone Coded and Digital Coded Squelch Decode 78297970499
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number
12VDC Battery 155193A