Federal Signal’s Model ES Series Sounders and Powered Loudspeakers are designed for rugged industrial applications where ATEX certification is required. The ES Series is comprised of two separate products that serve a variety of applications. First
is a sounder that includes fifteen standard tones with a common power input that accepts an AC or DC power source.
Once power is applied, a single tone may be selected through the use of a remote contact input, or all fifteen tones may be accessed independently by providing a binary string of information, specific to each tone. This allows a certain sound to match a specific alarm condition.
The second version of the ES Series is a powered loudspeaker. Once an AC or DC power source is applied, the powered loudspeaker is capable of amplifying a low-level audio signal, and reproducing it at 8, 15 or 25 watts, depending on the model selected. ES Series powered loudspeakers are the perfect option for ECHO Intercom systems, where ATEX approval is required.
Mounting is provided by a stainless-steel ratcheted mounting bracket that locks the sounder in position at a specific angle without slipping. The bottom surface of the mounting bracket also contains three mounting holes, to adapt to a variety of surfaces.
The ES Series is rated for IP66/67 through the use of a neoprene “O" ring seal. All exterior cast aluminum surfaces are finished in red powder coat paint and external hardware is manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion.


Voltage 24VDC, 110/120VAC, 220/240VAC
Factory Default Setting 240VAC
8/15–watt dual entry, 25–watt dual entry
Aluminum alloy LM6 (marine grade)
Color Signal red 537 to BS381C (epoxy powder coated semi-gloss)
Mount Stainless steel bracket (not painted)
Output, 8W Short Horn Series IIB 104dBa @ 1m (1Khz)1
Output, 8W Short Horn Series IIC 100dBa @ 1m (1Khz)
Output, 15W Series IIB 107dBa @ 1m (1Khz)
Output, 15W Series IIC 103dBa @ 1m (1Khz)
Output, 25W Series 116dBa @ 1m (1Khz)
Cable Entries (bottom) 2 x M20 (supplied with 1 x EEx stopping plug)
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to +40ºC (T6)
-20ºC to +55ºC (T5)12.400
-20ºC to +70ºC (T4)7.900
Depth For 1.5mm (25W) conductors8.500
Ingress Protection, 8W/15W IP67
Ingress Protection, 25W IP66/67
Certificate Number, 8W/15W Baseefa03ATEX0688X, II 2 G EExd IIB T4...T6
Certificate Number, 25W Nemko 05ATEX1036, II 2 G EExd IIB T4...T6
Net Weight 8W - 3.2kg7.10 lb
15W - 4.1kg9 lb
25W - 6.4kg14.10 lb
Shipping Dimension 8W/15W - 11 x 11 x 11 in
25W - 12.13 x 11.19 x 13.56 in