Model eHorn is an electronic horn capable of producing two high decibel horn tone outputs from the same unit through internal amplification and tone circuitry.
The Type 4X, IP66 housing is molded from glass reinforced polycarbonate plastic, making it resistant to ultra-violet light and ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
Model eHorn can be used as a stand-alone, high output, audible warning device in any application where voice paging is not required.
Typical applications include emergency warning, start and dismissal, general alarm and evacuation.


dBA @ 10' (@ 1M) 96 - 117 (106 - 127)
Operating Current 24VDC (52 Horn) 0.4 - 3.0A
Operating Current 24VDC (55/56 Horn) 0.24 - 3.3A
Operating Current 120VAC (52 Horn) 0.15 - 0.78A
Operating Current 120VAC (55/56 Horn) 0.10 - 0.76A
Operating Current 240VAC (52 Horn) 0.03 - 0.40A
Operating Current 240VAC (55/56 Horn) 0.06 - 0.41A
Operating Temperature Minimum -40 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 150 °F
Environmental Ratings Type 4X, IP66 Enclosure
Height 8.500 in
Width 8.930 in
Depth 9.600 in
Shipping Weight (eHorn-024 ) 13.8 lbs (6.5 kg)
Shipping Weight (eHorn-120-240) 15.8 lbs (7.2 kg)
Net Weight (eHorn-024) 11.7 lbs (5.30 kg)
Net Weight (eHorn-120-240) 13.7 lbs (6.21 kg)


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Federal Signal eHorn and eSiren Electronic Horns and Sirens
Configuring a Federal Signal eHorn and eSiren (1:01)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
EHORN-024 Horn, electronic, dual tone, 24VDC 782979233497
EHORN-120-240 Horn, electronic, dual tone, 120-240 VAC 782979233510
Product # Description UPC
EHORN-TKIT eHorn U-bracket mounting kit 782979236900