Federal Signal Model E2 ECHO Intercom Stations provide safe and efficient two-way voice communications in large and small ECHO Digital Intercom Systems.

The E2 ECHO station provides instantaneous high-speed connections and clear, crisp digital voice quality. Each station offers single-button all call, priority emergency paging, group paging, speed dial, conference call, and relay output.

Any station can call any other station(s) in an ECHO Digital Intercom System. With the headset or gooseneck microphone options, each is capable of hands-free voice communication. Because the ECHO Digital Central Exchange provides 30 channels of simultaneous communication, calls are processed and connected immediately without dial tone or delay.

The E2 Station keypad is designed to provide tactile and audible feedback (via external powered loudspeaker) for positive activation. Each station may be programmed with four levels of privacy for receiving calls; non-private, semi-private, full privacy and do-not-disturb. Volume for voice and signal levels are easily adjusted on the keypad.

Each E2 Station is constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, equipped with weatherproof keypads, and are rated for use in Type 4X dust- and water-tight applications.


Voltage 24VDC nominal (line driven from ECHO control)
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Operating Temperature Minimum -50 °F
Operating Current 65 °F
Current Idle 25mA
Current Connected 100mA
Microphone Type Handset and Stubby Microphone - Dynamic
Housing Material Handset - Moulded polycarbonate/ABS blend
Stubby Mic Enclosure - Stainless steel
Handset Cord Stainless steel
Microphone Sensitivity -54dB (Stubby Microphone)
Audio Output 2.7 Vrms, 1k load
Voltage Via Keypad - 30dB in ten steps
Line Attenuation 24dB at 160kb/s maximum
Loop Resistance 170 Ohm maximum
Distance 2 km (1.2 miles) maximum
Cable One twisted pair, non-shielded
Cable Entries 3 x Ø22mm (.88") Hole
Cable Termination Plug-in screw terminal, non-polar
Relay Switching Capacity 3A at 240VAC
Height 20.630 in
Width 14.130 in
Depth 13.630 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
E2-HND Intercom station, hazardous area, with handset 78297920745
E2-SM Intercom station, hazardous area, with stubby microphone 78297920746
E2-HDS Intercom station, hazardous area, with headset 78297921242
E2-HND-4X E2-HND in 4X enclosure (IP66) 78297921243
E2-SM-4X E2-SM in 4X enclosure (IP66) 78297920746
E2-HDS-4X E2-HDS in 4X enclosure (IP66) 78297921245
E2-GM1 Intercom station, hazardous area, with gooseneck microphone, 260mm 78297920747
E2-GM2 Intercom station, hazardous area, with gooseneck microphone, 440mm 78297920748
E2-GM3 Intercom station, hazardous area, with gooseneck microphone, 590mm 78297921241