DS100 100W Amplified Speaker

DS100 100W Amplified Speaker

  • High-powered outdoor or indoor speaker for audible and visual alerts
  • Combine with a controlling speaker such as an RF100 or Informer100 for a multi-direction system
  • Speaker rated at 120 dBa for tones and 114.5 dBa for voice at 10 feet
  • Broadcasts live voice, text-to-speech, and prerecorded voice or tone files by connecting to a controlling speaker such as an RF100 or Informer100.
  • Each device can be individually configured for volume and noise-level adjustments
  • Alerts can be sent to single devices, groups or zones, or all devices
  • Wall or pole mount options
  • Wide outdoor temperature operating range 

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The Directional Speaker (DS100) is an outdoor or indoor speaker that can be used as a warning and alerting device. Use the DS100 as a standalone device or connect to another Federal Signal speaker (the controlling speaker) to broadcast high-quality, high-powered tones, pre-recorded voice messages, and live PA. Add a Federal Signal light to the speaker to include visual indicators. The DS100 has an internal 100-watt amplifier/driver to deliver tone warnings and intelligible voice messages from the controlling speaker’s stored memory. The DS100 is powered from either 120/240 Vac or 24 Vdc. When the DS100 is powered from AC, it can use the Interconnect Board to activate AC-powered visual alert devices. When the DS100 is powered from DC, it brings power in from an outside source.

The DS100 has a 1/2-inch NPT opening on the top of the speaker for simple installation of pipe mount devices such as strobes. The bottom of the speaker has three 3/4-inch NPT openings to allow access to power, relay outputs, and activation inputs. The DS100 comes with an adjustable stainless steel wall mount bracket that allows the angle of the speaker to be adjusted. Optional pole mount brackets are available for small and large diameter poles.


Operating Temp Range: -40˚F to 150˚F (-40 C to +66 C) at 20% duty cycle. Continuous duty UL rating: -40˚F to 104˚F / (-40˚C to 40˚C)

Operating Voltages: Switch Selectable 120 or 240 Vac, 120 Vac nom, 50/60 Hz or 240 Vac com. 50/60 Hz

AC Operating Current: 120 Vac; 26 mA Standby, 1.50 A during a function, 240 Vac; 21 mA Standby, 820 mA during a function

DC Operating Voltages: 24 Vdc nominal

DC Operating Current: 24 Vdc; 100 mA Standby, 5.15 A during a function

Size: 7 x 9 x 10 inches (17.8 x 22.9 x 25.4 cm)

Weight: 19.2 lb (8.7 kg)

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Model Types
DS100100-watt speaker
I-IP100-PMSmall (2-3/4 to 4-1/2 inch diameter) Pole Mount Bracket
I-IP100-PMWLarge (6-inch diameter or larger) Pole Mount Bracket