Federal Signal DCFCTBD siren controllers are two-way digital, battery-operated/back-up and status monitoring systems for use with the Federal Signal 2001-130, Equinox, 508-128 and Eclipse8 sirens. The DCFCTBD siren controller typically interfaces with off-the-shelf two-way radio transceivers and communicates to a base controller. DCFCTBD siren controllers can be used with radios utilizing single-tone, two-tone sequential, DTMF, POCSAG, AFSK, EAS and digital formats such as P25 and Tetra. The DCFCTBD controllers can be equipped with optional communications such as landline, IP, fiber, satellite, and cellular. This makes DCFCTBD siren controllers compatible with virtually any existing siren control system or communication method. There are four local inputs and four local push buttons for activation, plus a reset option.

DCFCTBD models come equipped with four independent relay outputs that can be programmed to activate with local inputs, local pushbuttons or via the communications channels. Activation codes, relay timing, and optional warning sounds are programmed into the unit through a standard RS232 serial port or over-the-air from the central control point. The DCFCTBD siren controller offers six user programmable functions in addition to the five pre-set functions (arm, disarm, report, growl test and master reset). These controllers include sensors to supply information on the following areas of operation: AC power status, communications status, low battery status, intrusion, siren activation, current intrusion, siren rotation and local activation.


Operating Temperature Range -22°F to 149°F (-30°C to 65°C)
AC Supply Voltage 120VAC at 4.0 Amps
240VAC at 2.0 Amps
Standby Current +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz maximum
DCFCTBD Power Supply 6A at 13.3VDC
Battery Backup 48VDC
Serial Ports Protocol RS232C 1200, N, 8, 1
Programmable Frequency Power Out and Private Line options. For further details, consult the Vertex® product manual.
Current Draw < 0.2 amps in standby
EAS Supports standard EAS codes and wildcards
POCSAG Supports binary AFSK 512 Baud numeric messages.
4 relay outputs SPST 5A @ 28VDC – 5A @ 240VAC
Controller Dimensions H x W x D 19.0" x 23.5" x 11.19" 482.6mm x 596.9mm x 284.2mm
Shipping Weight
DCFCTB Total Weight (including batteries 364 lbs 165 kg300 lb
Shipping Weight (excluding batteries) 300 lbs 136 kg
2001TRBP Net Weight 150 lbs 68 kg
2001TRBP Shipping Weight 190 lbs 86.2 kg

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
DCFCTBD Two-Way Federal Controller, DC Powered 782979700555
DCFCTBDH Two-Way Federal Controller, High Band, 136174 MHz, DC Powered 782979700579
DCFCTBDU Twoway Federal Controller, UHF Band, 450470 MHz, DC Powered 782979700593
DCFCTBD-IP IP Enabled Two-way Electro-mechanical Controller 782979700586
Product # Description UPC
FSPWARE Federal programming software (Non-digital applications) 78297970500
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number
DC Battery charger, 48 Volt Upgrade Kit (replaces 4 Q8402B073C) Q-DCCHG1
Current Sensor, PCBA (Rotator) Q2005221B
FUSE,200A,BUSS #JJN-200(used in DC/FC/UV/2001-AC) Q148A147A