CueClassify is the comprehensive back-office management software suite for managing the CueCam or 3rd party cameras.  It delivers a powerful user interface for managing your body worn cameras and downloaded footage, as well as providing a suite of services for automatic footage download, 3rd party integration and footage policy implementation.  CueClassify is exceptionally scalable, allowing you to manage anything from 1 to 20,000+ cameras.
Our advanced suite of networking solutions offer flexible and adaptable upload & management, tailored for your enterprise.



CueClassify offers state-of-the-art accessibility. Upload and manage footage on-the-go via your laptop, tablet or smartphone, using nothing more than a web-browser. No need for additional plug-ins, downloads or apps, simply log-in with your credentials and go.
CueClassify is a proven, scalable solution, capable of managing any size deployment from 2 to 20,000. Our advanced suite of networking solutions
offer flexible and adaptable upload and footage management.


Users can be granted restricted privileges to meet your data-protection obligations.


Share secure access links with colleagues and partner organizations via CueClassify’s simple user interface. CueClassify allows collaborative review of footage within your organization, while maintaining a detailed audit log. The system also provides secure, traceable, shareable footage links for use with 3rd party partners or individuals with the ability to set date-based expiration.


Not only will CueClassify allow access and management of third party camera footage, its comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration with most Security & Information Management Systems, providing you with a flexible and manageable solution that fits your needs.


Generate, export and import encryption keys using CueClassify, ensuring that only authorized users can download and access footage. CueClassify also maintains a searchable audit log for each piece of footage, enabling camera-to-courtroom accountability.