The CueCam comes equipped with advanced features including True Vision recording similar to the human eye, built-in GPS for camera location tracking and video geolocation, and an IP65 rating.  CueCam is available in models with 8 to 14 hours continuous recording with configurable pre-record. Built in RFID allows dynamic camera assignment and configuration by user.  The most secure camera on the market with encryption at the camera level for full chain of custody. Built in Wi-Fi enables the CueCam to live stream video and audio while simultaneously storing evidential quality recording.
  • Small, robust, lightweight devices with area for small ID badge
  • Easy to use – simply push buttons on either side, or alternatively the central push button, to start and stop recording
  • Wire-free design prevents tangles and makes it versatile to wear
  • Various mounting options: lanyard, pocket clip, Klick Fast mount / radio-loop / 3 & 4 point chest harness, sports-camera mount, crocodile-style shirt-clip
  • Mini-Cam & Firearms Camera attachments available
  • The video and audio is kept securely on the camera
  • WiFi security: WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WEP or open
  • Recordings cannot be retrieved, except into the management station
  • Footage can only be seen by those authorized to see it, and all access is logged and audited
  • Recordings are of evidential quality – demonstrable from camera to court that they have not been tampered with


  • Up to 14 hours of continuous Wi-Fi streaming and recording
  • Wi-Fi streaming 700kbps, 64kbps audio with digest or open authentication
  • 150 degree horizontal field of view with day & night recording capability
  • Bookmarking feature to mark essential footage while recording




Typical Usage Deployments where the body cameras large field of view, longer life battery and Wi-Fi streaming capabilities are key.
Pre-record Facility Up to 14 hours of continuous pre-recording, with a configurable pre-record period.
Dimensions 3.30" (84 mm) x 244" (62 mm) x 1.18" (30 mm) or x 1.41" (36 mm)
Weight 100g without any mounting, 140g without any mounting.
User Access or Sealed Unit Sealed unit with no user access to storage media or battery.
Storage Media Internal solid state, protected recordings.
Recording Capacity Up to 8 hrs or Up to 14 hrs
Recording Storage Capacity 16GB or 32GB
File size for hour of recording 1GB at 640 x 480 standard resolution, 2GB at 1280 x 720 HD resolution.
Battery capacity in standby (instant recording mode) 48 hrs or 96 hrs
Battery Type Lithium–ion (no battery memory) does not require discharge before charging.
Battery overcharge protection The body camera has overcharge protection so cannot be overcharged and can be left in docking station.
Battery indication Power LED indicates Green = battery charged | Red = 15 minutes recording time left | Blue = Wi-Fi Active.
Battery life in recording mode 8 hrs or 14 hrs
Battery refresh process 3 years recommended refresh time, depending on amount of standby time required
RFID assigned Continual red blinking LED indicates badge is RFID assigned to you
Bookmark footage Pressing the top left button whilst recording is in process, will bookmark an instance within the video