Model AV1-LED is a combination audible/visual signal. The AV1-LED features a 100% polycarbonate housing that is rated for Type 3R rain-tight applications. 

All AV1-LED units feature a unique twist-and-lock dome design to allow for tool-free access to the LED. The fresnel lensing provides superior visibility in all directions.

The integrated buzzer provides 85 dBa output @ 10 feet (95 dBa @ 1 meter). The unit is capable of independent flashing light and sounder operation. The LED can be field adjusted to two flash patterns, 60 FPM or 75 FPM, via a jumper on the PC board.

Each unit is factory assembled with two color-coded leads. If desired, the user can remove the leads and connect directly to the terminal block located in the base of the unit. 


Mount Surface
1/2" Pipe
4" Square Electrical Box
Voltage 24VDC
Operating Current 0.39 Amps at 24VDC
0.15 Amps at 120VAC
Light Source/Lamp Style Strobe Tube
Lamp Life 7,000 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 65 to 95
Peak Candela 175000
Effective Candela 51.5
Joule Output 2.2
Decibel Output 85 at 10 Feet
95 at 1 Meter
Operating Temperature Minimum -31 °F
Operating Current 150 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 3R
Dome Colors Amber
Net Weight 1.25 lb
Shipping Weight 1.75 lb
Height 6.480 in
Diameter 5.760 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
AV1ST-024A Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, amber 78297920749
AV1ST-024B Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, blue 78297920750
AV1ST-024C Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, clear 78297920751
AV1ST-024G Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, green 78297920752
AV1ST-024R Light/sounder combination, strobe, 24VDC, red 78297920753
AV1ST-120A Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, amber 78297920754
AV1ST-120B Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, blue 78297920755
AV1ST-120C Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, clear 78297920756
AV1ST-120G Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, green 78297920757
AV1ST-120R Light/sounder combination, strobe, 120VAC, red 78297920758
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket, amber K8550292A-02 782979229506
Dome with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket, blue K8550292A-01 782979224358
Dome with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket, clear K8550292A 782979228905
Dome with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket, green K8550292A-04 782979229605
Dome with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket, red K8550292A-03 782979241188
Flash tube assembly K149130A 782979285502
Buzzer, 120VAC K8591002A 782979225355
Buzzer, 24VDC K8591002A-02 782979208402