The Federal Signal Models AM300X and AM302X are transformer coupled, re-entrant speakers for use in public address or paging applications. These speakers feature rugged cones and projectors constructed of spun aluminum. The speaker wiring connections are enclosed in a dust- and moisture-proof, die-cast aluminum compartment. All external surfaces are sealed with a red or gray powder coat paint.

Power handling for the AM300X is 15 watt and the AM302X is rated for 30 watt. The unique shape of the speaker projectors provides a 60° sound dispersion. The entire speaker and can be swiveled 180° in order to direct sound effectively.

The AM300X and the AM302X can be used with supervised alarm notification systems or the AudioMaster® amplifiers and the AudioRouter™ to complete an industrial grade public address system.


Mount Swivel Bracket
Power Handling 30 Watt
Frequency Response 400 - 4000Hz
Transformer 25Vrms
Power Taps 30, 15, and 8
Decibels per UL1480 103 at 10 Feet
114 at 1 Meter
Decibels on Axis 112 at 10 Feet
124 at 1 Meter
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP65
Net Weight 17.10 lb
Shipping Weight 18.800 in33.10 lb
Shipping Weight 18.800 in33.10 lb
Width 16.700 in
Depth 19.500 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
AM302X Speaker, 30 watts, transformer coupled, explosion-proof, UL, gray 782979600701
AM302X-R Speaker, 30 watts, transformer coupled, explosion-proof, UL, red 782979237976