The Public Safety Game Changer
Introducing the revolutionary patented AirEL Illuminated Thermal Identification System for law enforcement, fire departments, and other public safety use. AirEL allows ground and aerial crews to establish vehicle identification through illuminated numbers which are vital in high-speed chases for securing a perimeter. From the ground perspective, AirEL commands a highly advanced look that establishes an authority or helpful presence instantly.

Seamless. Adaptable. Awesome.
The AirEL Illuminated/Thermal Identification System was designed to meet the increasing demands on not only law enforcement but many departments within the public safety industry. From fire departments to county rescue boats to airport security, AirEL has the adaptability to enhance all kinds of vehicles and uses. With its sleek design and simple installation, AirEL is a powerful identification tool.

A Brilliant System
The AirEL Illuminated System is comprised of alphanumeric characters, weather-proof housing pods and a compact inverter. For many years the powerful technology of electroluminescence has been proven on fighter jets, car dash systems and other industry uses.

The AirEL system can be easily integrated and activated through existing in-car unitrol selector.  The durable characters have a powerful coating to withstand the elements. The AirEL system is a  game changer in public safety identification.

The AirDek is an aerodynamic, low-profile plate that fits on the roof of SUVs to support and house identification, antennae and communication equipment. This platform allows for police and public agencies that use SUVs to implement the AirEL system and to house roof communication equipment.


Specifications can vary, see literature


AirEL Illuminated Thermal Identification System AirDek Installation (2:03)
AirEL Illuminated Thermal Identification System Product Video
AirEL Illuminated Thermal Identification System Installation
AirEL Airport Solution (:30)
AirEL Airport Illuminated Identification vs. the Elements (:24)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description
AELL20 20" Letter (to order AELL20(G=Green, B=Blue)-(Letter) | exp. AELL20G-A = 20" Green letter "A"
AELN10 10" Number, Blue | exp. 10" Blue, Number "0" would be AELN10-0
AELN15 15" Number, Blue | exp. 15" Blue, Number "0" would be AELN15-0
AELN20G 20" Number, Green | exp. 20" Green, Number "0" would be AELN20G-0
AEL-PX300 Inverter for use with 1 or 2 Numbers
AEL-PX450 Inverter for use with 3 Numbers
AEL-PXIR-TH Infrared/Thermal Power Supply for use with 1, 2 or 3 Numbers
AELAD-ULP15 AirDek, 2016-2018 Ford Utility low-profile
AELAD-TAH15 AirDek, 2015-2018 Chevy Tahoe
AEL-PODB Housing Pods, Black, order 1 per Number
AEL-PODW Housing Pods, White, order 1 per Number