Models 55 and 56 are resonating horns that produce sound by means of a diaphragm, which resonates a column of air. With greater output than a vibrating horn, the resonating horn can be used wherever a louder, more powerful alert is needed.
These projectors are designed to match the frequency of the vibrating diaphragm to produce a smooth tone. The housings are tapped for 1/2" conduit.
Models 55 and 56 have sufficient output to penetrate through high ambient noise levels and have a duty cycle of five minutes on, five minutes off.


Operating Temperature Range -35°F to 150°F
Height 8.000 in
Width 8.000 in
Length 19.750 in
Duty Cycle 5-minutes on/off
Net Weight 5 lb
Shipping Weight 6.20 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
55-024-1 Horn, 24VAC, resonating 782979228806
55-120-1 Horn, 120VAC, resonating 782979228905
55-120-1BK Horn, 120VAC, resonating, black 782979224358
56-024-1 Horn, 24VDC, resonating 782979229506
56-048-1 Horn, 48VDC, resonating 782979241188
56-125-1 Horn, 125VDC, resonating 782979229605
56-250-1 Horn, 250VDC, resonating 782979229704
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Straight Projector K8283C071-0G 782979108276
Mounting Bracket Assembly Kit, Including Bulkhead Mounting Kit K8233A046-0G 782979118442
Coil, 125V, 56 KFC459 782979115946
Coil, 250V, 56 Horn KFC458 782979100195