Model 371DST is a double-flash strobe housed in a Type 4X enclosure. At 80 flashes per minute and 1,000 effective candela, the Commander® is the largest strobe signal in the Federal Signal product line.  

The dome and ring assembly simply screws on, allowing for quick access to the strobe tube and printed circuit board.The base of the Commander features electrostatically applied, black epoxy paint for greater corrosion resistance. The 371DST can be surface or 1" NPT pipe mounted.  It is wired through the pipe mount opening on the bottom of the light or through side knockouts. Optional wall and corner mount brackets are available. 

The LWMB2 wall mount bracket and the LCMB2 corner mount bracket can be used for all non-hazardous environments.


Mount Surface
1" Pipe
Voltage 12-24VDC, 120VAC 50/60Hz or 240VAC
Operating Current 3.00-1.90 Amps from 12-24VDC
0.60 Amps at 120VAC
0.30 Amps at 240VAC
Light Source/Lamp Style Strobe Tube
Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
Factory Default Setting 80 Double Flashes
Peak Candela 750000
Effective Candela 1,000
Operating Temperature Minimum -31 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 104 °F
Effective Candela Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Dome Colors Amber
Height 11.380 in
Width 9.250 in
Net Weight 6.23 lb
Shipping Weight 8.30 lb


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
371DST-012-024A Double flash strobe, 12-24VDC, amber 78297928121
371DST-012-024B Double flash strobe, 12-24VDC, blue 78297928123
371DST-012-024C Double flash strobe, 12-24VDC, clear 78297928124
371DST-012-024G Double flash strobe, 12-24VDC, green 78297928128
371DST-012-024R Double flash strobe, 12-24VDC, red 78297928137
371DST-120A Double flash strobe, 120VAC, amber 78297928125
371DST-120B Double flash strobe, 120VAC, blue 78297928130
371DST-120C Double flash strobe, 120VAC, clear 78297928055
371DST-120G Double flash strobe, 120VAC, green 78297928060
371DST-120R Double flash strobe, 120VAC, red 78297928120
371DST-240A Double flash strobe, 240VAC, amber 78297928132
371DST-240B Double flash strobe, 240VAC, blue 78297928133
371DST-240C Double flash strobe, 240VAC, clear 78297928134
371DST-240G Double flash strobe, 240VAC, green 78297928135
371DST-240R Double flash strobe, 240VAC, red 78297928136
Product # Description UPC
K8459138A Hub kit, 3/4" conduit 782979229391
K8459130A Plug, 1/2" NPT 782979229384
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome and ring assembly, amber, 371L K8459125A 782979281306
Dome and ring assembly, blue, 371L K8459125A-01 782979280552
Dome and ring assembly, clear, 371L K8459125A-02 782979280606
Dome and ring assembly, green, 371L K8459125A-03 782979281207
Dome and ring assembly, red, 371L K8459125A-04 782979281320
Dome with gasket, clear K8422B428A 782979232520
PCBA, 12-24V, 371DST K2001265D-01 782979286042
PCBA, 120VAC, 371DST K200865G-02 782979226062
Flash tube, 400V, 30W K8107178A 782979200284
Gasket, surface mount, 371 K8459127A 782979281368