Federal Signal Model 371 incandescent warning lights have a powerful sealed beam lamp that rotates 360° within a glass dome. The lamp itself is mounted in a pivoting yoke. This allows the lamp beam angle to be adjusted through 90º from horizontal to vertical. Changing the beam angle allows the user to create unique light patterns and/or direct the light for better visibility. 

The Model 371 features a 200 watt sealed beam lamp and a high-temperature resistant glass dome. The glass dome of the 371 is ideal for applications such as steel mills or arc furnaces/smelters where high ambient temperatures or red hot materials would melt or damage the polycarbonate dome. 

The 371 base features electrostatically applied black epoxy paint for greater corrosion resistance. Wiring can be routed through the pipe-mount opening in the bottom of the light or the two side knockouts can be used for side entry wiring. Installation can be surface or 1-inch NPT pipe mount. Optional wall and corner mount brackets are available.


Voltage 120VAC 50/60Hz
Mount Surface
1" Pipe
Operating Current 1.75 Amps
Light Source/Lamp Style 200-Watt Sealed Beam
Lamp Life 2,000 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 60
Peak Candela 36000
Operating Temperature Minimum -31 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 150 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Dome Colors Amber
Height 11.380 in
Diameter 9.120 in
Net Weight 13.25 lb
Shipping Weight 14.25 lb


Product Literature

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
371-120A Rotating light, 120VAC, amber 78297928102
371-120A-1Z Rotating light, 120VAC, amber, shock mount 78297920024
371-120B Rotating light, 120VAC, blue 78297939435
371-120R Rotating light, 120VAC, red 78297928109
Product # Description UPC
LCMB2 Mounting bracket, corner 78297925370
LWMB2 Mounting kit, wall mount 78297925380
K8459138A Hub kit, 3/4" conduit 782979229391
K8459130A Plug, 1/2" NPT 782979229384
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome and ring assembly, amber, 371 K8459126A 782979281337
Dome and ring assembly, blue, 371 K8459126A-01 782979281344
Dome and ring assembly, red, 371 K8459126A-02 782979281351
200W lamp K8442A039 782979227304
Motor kit, 371 / 371L K8459A113B 782979227007
Brush and spring K8442A028 782979227298