Federal Signal’s Models 304X and 314X Explosion-Proof Amplified Speakers are designed to produce crisp, clear tones in supervised alarm notification systems. Both models are compatible with fire alarm, voice evacuation, suppression supervised control panels, and power boosters.
These amplified speakers can broadcast tones generated by a Tone Card installed into the speaker (the plug-in 32-tone UTM*) or by a central tone source in a voice evacuation or paging system. When live public address or voice messages are required, plug-in Connector Cards (AM25CK or AM70CK) interface with the Vrms of the EVAC panel.
*ULC Fire Listed Models (-CN models) can only be used with a UTM tone card


Voltage 24VDC  
Operating Temperature -40°F to 150°F -40 °C to 66°C
Enclosure Rating Type 4X  
  304X 314X
Operating Current 0.7 amps 1.3 amps
Standby Current 0.15 amps 0.15 amps
Decibels per UL1480 95 @ 10' (105 @ 1M) 100 @ 10' (110 @ 1M)
Decibels on Axis 108 @ 10' (118 @ 1M) 112 @ 10' (122 @ 1M)
Net Weight 15.4 lbs (7.0 kg) 16.4 lbs (7.4 ks)
Heights 17.0" (431.9mm) 18.8" (477.5mm)
Width 13.1" (332.7mm) 16.7" (424.2mm)
Depth 16.3" (414.0mm) 19.5" (495.3mm)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
304X-024 SelecTone, 24VDC, explosion-proof, UL, gray 782979208365
304X-024-CN SelecTone, 24VDC, explosion-proof, ULC, gray 782979221326
314X-024 SelecTone, 24VDC, high-power, explosion-proof, UL, gray 782979208334
314X-024-CN SelecTone, 24VDC, high-power, explosion-proof, ULC, gray 782979221333
UTM Universal tone module 782979202172
AM70CK Connector card, 70vrms 782979600862
AM25CK Connector card, 25vrms 782979600855
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
PCBA, 30W-CLSD K2005618A-02 782979127536
Projector Assembly, 14W, Gray, 300X K8593100A 782979125464
Bracket Assembly, Mounting, Black, 300X, 304X, 302X, 314X K8593071A 782979125419
4-Position Power Plant Board Assembly K140340B 782979112969
PCBA, 15W-CLSD K2005618A-01 782979127529
Horn Assembly, 30W, Gray K8593101A 782979125488