CommCenter® Model 300MB broadcasts pre-recorded voice messages, melodies, tones and signals over SelecTone® and public address systems. Model 300MB replaces outdated loop tape units with superior, high-quality audio playback. Model 300MB is remotely activated via contact closures.
Melodies, voice messages, tones and signals are available, including the pre-recorded CommCenter Standard Library and optional custom recorded messages. Units can be interconnected for greater message capacity.
CommCenter’s digital messaging capability is ideal for emergency evacuation announcements. Clear, concise, predetermined instructions can be broadcast over a SelecTone or public address system. The CommCenter’s pre-recorded melodies can convey the status of a process or machine without interrupting the flow of production in surrounding areas. Voice messages in any language can alert operators to emergency situations.
The CommCenter offers quality and versatility to public address systems that broadcast repetitive, prerecorded messages.


Voltage 24VDC
120VAC 50/60Hz
240VAC 50/60Hz
Mount Surface
Operating Current 0.80 Amps at 24VDC
Operating Current 0.20 Amps at 120VAC
Operating Current 0.10 Amps at 240VAC
Operating Current 0.09 Amps at 24VDC
0.05 Amps at 120VAC
0.02 Amps at 240VAC
Operating Temperature Minimum 32 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 140 °F
Tone Output 10Vrms (25 Ohm Maximum)
25Vrms (40 Ohm Maximum/15-watt)
Audio Input - Input Voltage 5K Ohms
Audio Input - Input Impedance 1V P-P (Max)
Signal To Noise Ratio (<% 1.5 THD) Chip Input 67dBa
Signal Frequency Response 250Hz to 3.4KHz
Enclosure Rating Type 1
Height 11.570 in
Width 9.410 in
Depth 2.270 in
General Text 5.50 lb
Shipping Weight 6.60 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
300MB-1SD CommCenter, 1 message, Series D1 782979227274
300MB-2SD CommCenter, 2 messages, Series D1 782979227281
300MB-3SD CommCenter, 3 messages, Series D1 782979227298
300MB-4SD CommCenter, 4 messages, Series D1 782979227304
300MB-5SD CommCenter, 5 messages, Series D1 782979227311
300MB-6SD CommCenter, 6 messages, Series D1 782979227328
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Blank CommCenter chip, recordable, Series D RMB9999SD 782979227359
Pre-recorded CommCenter chip, Series D RM1SD 782979227342