Federal Signal's Model 27XL-024*-4-MOD explosion-proof LED light that produces 60 high-intensity flashes per minute. 27XL-024*-4-MOD is unique to the market because it covers an entire range of possible mounting configurations, including dome up. This warning light operates on 24VAC/DC, with a 4-wire supervised power circuit and is UL Listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G; Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B; and Class III. The 27XL-024*-4-MOD is UL and cUL listed, and Marine Rated.

eXtreme Light Technology (XLT) is a breakthrough high-intensity LED array designed to meet the demands of industrial customers, producing maximum light output and superior lens fill. Configurable to either steady burning state or flashing mode, XLT provides improved performance over standard LEDs and increased versatility while maintaining low power consumption and vibration resistance expected from LED devices.

The 27XL-024*-4-MOD features a standard low in-rush circuitry design that provides greater compatibility with factory automation control systems and less electrical interference with in-rush sensitive devices.

The 27XL-024*-4-MOD is Type 4X rated and constructed to IP66. Corrosion resistance is achieved with a powder coat finish applied over the copper-free aluminum housing.

Federal Signal's 27XL-024*-4-MOD is specifically designed for explosion-proof atmospheres and/or corrosive environments. This model can be paired with a pendant, ceiling or wall mount. Because it is easy to install and requires very low maintenance, it is ideal for use in areas such as oil rigs, mines, refineries, and chemical plants.


Mount Optional Ceiling Mount Kit
Optional Pendant Mount Kit
Optional Wall Mount Kit
Voltage 24VAC/VDC
In-rush Current 1.75 Amps, 5.0 mS
Light Source/Lamp Style LED Array
Lamp Life 60,000 Hours
Operating Temperature Minimum -67 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 150 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Dome Guard Sold Separately
Dome Colors Amber


Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC List Price (US)
27XL-024A-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED flashing light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, amber 78297923310 $0.00
27XL-024B-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED flashing light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, blue 78297923311 $0.00
27XL-024C-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED flashing light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, clear 78297923312 $0.00
27XL-024G-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED flashing light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, green 78297923313 $0.00
27XL-024GS-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED steady burn light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, green 78297923314 $0.00
27XL-024M-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED flashing light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, magenta 78297923315 $0.00
27XL-024R-4-MOD Explosion-proof LED flashing light, modular, 24VDC 4-wire, red 78297923316 $0.00
Product # Description UPC List Price (US)
DGXC-SB Dome Guard 78297922953 $0.00