Federal Signal’s Model 24XST Explosion-Proof Strobe Light produces 60 high-intensity flashes per minute. The 24XST features a current in-rush limiting PCB design to provide improved compatibility with in-rush sensitive devices. This design limits the peak In-rush to 2A and operates on only 0.71A, when powered by 24VDC. To synchronize strobe lights, purchase the Synchronization Module (SSM) separately.
Model 24XST can be paired with a pendant, ceiling or wall mount. The installation process is simple; by pre-installing the mounting box, the fixture can be simply threaded onto the mounting box, making an electrical connection when the threads are engaged.
Model 24XST offers a heavy duty, copper-free cast aluminum housing is sealed with a black powder coat paint. This unit is specifically designed for explosion-proof atmospheres and/or corrosive environments. The 24XST is ideal for use in areas such as oil rigs, mines, refineries, and chemical plants.


Voltage 24 VDC
Peak In-rush 2 A
Operating Current @ 24 VDC 0.71
Flash Rate/Minute 60
Candela 280
Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
Light Source/Lamp Style Strobe Tube
Operating Temperature Range -67º F (-55˚ C) to 150º F (65˚ C)
Net Weight Signal without Mounting 13.90 lb
Ceiling Mount 4.50 lb
Pendant Mount 2 lb
Wall Mount 5.90 lb


IP69K Compliant Products Video (1:33)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
24XST-024A-MOD Explosion-proof strobe, modular, 24VDC, amber 782979232896
24XST-024B-MOD Explosion-proof strobe, modular, 24VDC, blue 782979232902
24XST-024C-MOD Explosion-proof strobe, modular, 24VDC, clear 782979232889
24XST-024G-MOD Explosion-proof strobe, modular, 24VDC, green 782979232919
24XST-024M-MOD Explosion-proof strobe, modular, 24VDC, magenta 782979232933
24XST-024R-MOD Explosion-proof strobe, modular, 24VDC, red 782979232926
CMXC-SB Mounting kit, ceiling, 121X, 24XST, 27XST/XL, Series B 782979229513
PMXC-SB Mounting kit, pendant, 121X, 24XST, 27XST/XL, Series B 782979231189
WMXC-4-SB Mounting kit, 90 degree wall, 4-wire, 27XST, Series B 782979231202
SSM Synchronous strobe module 782979216711
Product # Description UPC
DGXC-SB Dome guard, explosion-proof lights, Series B 782979229537
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome Assembly, Explosion-Proof Light, Black K8436147A 782979128052
Dome, Amber K8550C095A-02 782979112129
Dome, Blue K8550C095A-01 782979112112
Dome, Clear K8550C095A 782979112105
Dome, Green K8550C095A-04 782979112143
Dome, Magenta K8550C095A-07 782979114345
Dome, Red K8550C095A-03 782979112136
Chassis Assembly, 24XST, 24VDC K8436107F-05 782979128182
Strobe Tube K8107159A 782979112372