Model 225XST is a hazardous location warning light has a black polyurethane coated base and the inner fresnel lens is available in five colors. The clear polycarbonate outer dome can be quickly removed for easy access to inspect the unit or change the lamp. The 225XST produces 240 effective candela and a 580,000 peak candela. 

The 24VDC 225XST-I features a voltage in-rush limiting PCB design that provides greater compatibility with factory automation control systems and less electrical interference with in-rush sensitive devices.

Model 225XST is ideal for wet, corrosive atmospheres like those found in food processing industries, or anywhere a visual signal is needed.


Mount 1/2" Pipe
Voltage 12-24VDC
Operating Current 1.70-0.70A @ 12-24VDC
0.70A (2.0A In-Rush) @ 24VDC
0.25A @ 120VAC
0.20A @ 240VAC
Light Source/Lamp Style Strobe Tube
Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 80
Peak Candela 580,000
Effective Candela 240
Operating Temperature Range -40°F - 104°F-40 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Dome Colors Amber
Height 7.500 in
Diameter 5.500 in
Net Weight 1.50 lb
Net Weight 2 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
225XST-012-024A Strobe, 12-24VDC, hazardous location, amber 78297939040
225XST-012-024B Strobe, 12-24VDC, hazardous location, blue 78297939041
225XST-012-024C Strobe, 12-24VDC, hazardous location, clear 78297939042
225XST-012-024G Strobe, 12-24VDC, hazardous location, green 78297939043
225XST-012-024M Strobe, 12-24VDC, hazardous location, magenta 78297920244
225XST-012-024R Strobe, 12-24VDC, hazardous location, red 78297939044
225XST-120A Strobe, 120VAC, hazardous location, amber 78297939030
225XST-120B Strobe, 120VAC, hazardous location, blue 78297939031
225XST-120C Strobe, 120VAC, hazardous location, clear 78297939032
225XST-120G Strobe, 120VAC, hazardous location, green 78297939033
225XST-120M Strobe, 120VAC, hazardous location, magenta 78297921000
225XST-120R Strobe, 120VAC, hazardous location, red 78297939034
225XST-240A Strobe, 240VAC, hazardous location, amber 78297939035
225XST-240B Strobe, 240VAC, hazardous location, blue 78297939036
225XST-240C Strobe, 240VAC, hazardous location, clear 78297939037
225XST-240G Strobe, 240VAC, hazardous location, green 78297939038
225XST-240R Strobe, 240VAC, hazardous location, red 78297939039
225XST-I-024A Strobe, 24VDC, hazardous location, amber, in-rush limited 78297921561
225XST-I-024B Strobe, 24VDC, hazardous location, blue, in-rush limited 78297921562
225XST-I-024C Strobe, 24VDC, hazardous location, clear, in-rush limited 78297921563
225XST-I-024G Strobe, 24VDC, hazardous location, green, in-rush limited 78297921564
225XST-I-024M Strobe, 24VDC, hazardous location, magenta, in-rush limited 78297921566
225XST-I-024R Strobe, 24VDC, hazardous location, red, in-rush limited 78297921565
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome, amber K8550C095A-02 782979218159
Dome, blue K8550C095A-01 782979401957
Dome, clear K8550C095A 782979250302
Dome, green K8550C095A-04 782979218234
Dome, magenta K8550C095A-07 782979237105
Dome, red K8550C095A-03 782979218166
Dome, clear, with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket K8444D219C-04 782979221425
PCBA, 120V, FB24ST & 224XST K2001905A 782979288435
PCBA, 240VAC, FB24ST, 224XST, 224XSTHI, 225XST K2001905A-01 782979380658
Flash tube, trigger coil assembly K8107177A 782979226956