The Federal Signal Electraray® Model 225X is a compact, economical rotating warning light designed for a variety of industrial applications. This innovative dome design allows quick and easy access for inspection and relamping. 

Model 225X features a silicone rubber gasket that provides a water-resistant seal between the dome and the black poly-coated base. The injection molded reflector rotates around a 25 watt lamp producing 90 flashes per minute. 

Federal Signal’s affordable Electraray rotating warning light is specifically designed for use in hazardous locations or where corrosive materials are present.


Mount 1/2" Pipe
Voltage 120VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Current 0.22 Amps at 120VAC
Light Source/Lamp Style 25-Watt Incandescent
Lamp Life 1,000 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 90
Candela 1,000
Operating Temperature Minimum -40 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 104 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Dome Colors Amber
Net Weight 2 lb
Shipping Weight 2.70 lb
Height 7.500 in
Diameter 5.500 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
225X-120A Rotating light, 120VAC, hazardous location, amber 782979390282
225X-120B Rotating light, 120VAC, hazardous location, blue 782979390299
225X-120C Rotating light, 120VAC, hazardous location, clear 782979390459
225X-120G Rotating light, 120VAC, hazardous location, green 782979390466
225X-120R Rotating light, 120VAC, hazardous location, red 782979390473
Product # Description UPC
LCMB2 Mounting bracket, corner 782979253709
LWMB2 Mounting kit, wall mount 782979253808
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome, amber K8444D219C-03 782979121435
Dome, blue K8444D219C-01 782979121411
Dome, clear, with 1 gasket and 1 surface mount gasket K8444D219C-04 782979121442
Dome, green K8444D219C-02 782979121428
Dome, red K8444D219C 782979121404
Lamp, incandescent, 120VAC K149123A 782979103592