The 2000 Series Models XEN1 and XEN4 Xenon beacons are visual warning lights for use in hazardous locations that require ATEX approval. Model XEN1 is a strobe light that contains a single xenon flashing tube. This makes it ideally suited for use in indoor explosion-proof areas that require compliance to European electrical safety directives. 

Model XEN4 is a strobe light that utilizes four strobe tubes, timed in a sequential manner, to simulate the operation of a mechanical rotating beacon. This four-strobe version is ideal in outdoor situations where a conventional beacon may not be adequate.

The 2000 Series Xenon beacon is sealed from dust and water by a nitrile rubber o-ring seal. All exterior cast aluminum surfaces are finished in powder coat paint and external hardware is manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion. 

The 2000 Series Xenon beacon is externally powered by a DC or AC power source. Screw type terminal blocks are provided for field wiring on all units.

All variations of the 2000 Series Xenon beacon feature a four entry fixture to allow cable looping. These cable entries are metric (M20 X 1.5) but other configurations are available upon request.


Mount Surface
Voltage 24VDC
Operating Current XEN1 - 0.93 Amps @24VDC
XEN1 - 0.81 Amps @48VDC
XEN1 - 0.61 Amps @110VDC
XEN1 - 0.48 Amps @110VAC
XEN1 - 0.38 Amps @240VAC
XEN4 - 1.90 Amps @24VDC
XEN4 - 1.22 Amps @48VDC
XEN4 - 0.92 Amps @110VDC
XEN4 - 0.53 Amps @110VAC
XEN4 - 0.41 Amps @240VAC
Light Source/Lamp Style Xenon Lens
Flash Rate/Minute 80 (Model XEN1 Only)
Exterior Dome Toughened Glass
Dome Guard 316 Stainless Steel
Colors Amber
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Certification Marking Ex d IIB T4 Ex tD A21
Ex de IIB T4 Ex tD A21
Terminals Ex d - 4 Way Block Mounted PCB
Ex de - 12 Way Block In Terminal Chamber
Ex d and Ex de - 4 entries, M20 x 1.5
Body Marine Grade Alloy Painted Regal Red
Operating Temperature
Ex de 15.43 lbs
Ex de 15.43 lbs
Ex de 15.43 lbs
Ex de 15.43 lbs