Federal Signal’s Starfire® strobe warning lights are available in single-flash (131ST) and double-flash (131DST) models. Through precise timing of the strobe flash, the double flash unit produces 1,200 effective candela; the single flash unit produces 1,000 effective candela. 

The base of the light is made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum. Each Starfire model comes with a standard 1/2-inch NPT pipe mount. An optional surface mount can be ordered.

Because of its convenient size and intense light output, the Starfire strobes can be used for multiple applications. Excellent for in-plant use, the Models 131ST/DST warn of hazardous conditions, mark dangerous areas (either permanently 

or temporarily) and mount on lift trucks, cranes and other moving devices. These powerful strobes can be used on emergency, utility, maintenance or other vehicles requiring emergency warning.


Mount 1/2" Pipe
Optional Surface Mount Kit
Voltage 12-24VDC, 120VAC 50/60Hz or 240VAC
Operating Current 2.75-1.25 Amps from 12-24VDC
0.60 Amps at 120VAC
0.03 Amps at 240VAC
Light Source/Lamp Style Strobe Tube
Lamp Life 10,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -31°F to 150°F (-35°C to 66°C)
Flash Rate/Minute 80
Peak Candela 2,000,000
Effective Candela 1,000
Enclosure Rating Type 3R
Ingress Protection (IP) IP45
Dome Colors Amber
Height 5.700 in
Net Weight 2 lb
Shipping Weight 7.750 in3.40 lb
Shipping Weight 7.750 in3.40 lb
Width 5.700 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
131ST-012-024A Strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, amber 782979286059
131ST-012-024B Strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, blue 782979286066
131ST-012-024C Strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, clear 782979286073
131ST-012-024G Strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, green 782979286080
131ST-012-024R Strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, red 782979286097
131ST-120A Strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, amber 782979285700
131ST-120B Strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, blue 782979285922
131ST-120C Strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, clear 782979285953
131ST-120G Strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, green 782979285809
131ST-120R Strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, red 782979285755
131ST-240A Strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, amber 782979286004
131ST-240B Strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, blue 782979286011
131ST-240C Strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, clear 782979286042
131ST-240G Strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, green 782979286035
131ST-240R Strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, red 782979286028
131DST-012-024A Double strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, amber 782979285267
131DST-012-024B Double strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, blue 782979285274
131DST-012-024C Double strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, clear 782979285281
131DST-012-024G Double strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, green 782979285298
131DST-012-024R Double strobe, 12-24VDC, pipe mount, red 782979285311
131DST-120A Double strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, amber 782979285557
131DST-120B Double strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, blue 782979285724
131DST-120C Double strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, clear 782979285601
131DST-120G Double strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, green 782979285618
131DST-120R Double strobe, 120VAC, pipe mount, red 782979285502
131DST-240A Double strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, amber 782979285304
131DST-240B Double strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, blue 782979285359
131DST-240C Double strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, clear 782979285366
131DST-240G Double strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, green 782979285373
131DST-240R Double strobe, 240VAC, pipe mount, red 782979285656
Product # Description UPC
LCMB2 Mounting bracket, corner 782979253709
LWMB2 Mounting kit, wall mount 782979253808
LHWB Hazardous location mounting bracket, wall mount 782979227434
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome with gasket, amber K8422B428A-01 782979108672
Dome with gasket, blue K8422B428A-02 782979108689
Dome with gasket, clear K8422B428A 782979108665
Dome with gasket, green K8422B428A-03 782979108696
Dome with gasket, red K8422B428A-04 782979108702
Flash tube, 400V, 30W K8107178A 782979114338
Surface mount kit K8444A211B 782979114383