The Federal Signal Vitalite® Model 121A is compact, rotating light featuring a parabolic reflector that rotates around an incandescent lamp, providing 60 flashes per minute in all directions. Model available in five dome colors — Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Red.

The 121A rotating light is designed for in-plant applications. This unit can be surface mounted or mounted on a 1/2" NPT pipe with the integrated pipe mount. The 121A is available in 24VDC. The enclosure is also rated Type 4X for a water-tight and dust-tight seal.


Voltage 24VDC
Mount Pipe/Surface
Operating Current 1.3 Amps
Light Source/Lamp Style Incandescent
Lamp Life 300 Hours
Flash Rate/Minute 60
Candela 4,000 at 24VDC
Operating Temperature Minimum -31 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 150 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Dome Colors Amber
Net Weight 1.80 lb
Shipping Weight 1.90 lb
Height 6.260 in
Diameter 5.130 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
121A-024A Rotating light, 24VDC, surface mount, amber 78297921580
121A-024B Rotating light, 24VDC, surface mount, blue 78297921581
121A-024C Rotating light, 24VDC, surface mount, clear 78297921582
121A-024G Rotating light, 24VDC, surface mount, green 78297921583
121A-024R Rotating light, 24VDC, surface mount, red 78297921584
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dome, amber, 121 light K8444357A-02 782979221401
Dome, blue, 121 light K8444357A-01 782979208372
Dome, clear, 121 light K8444357A 782979221463
Dome, green, 121 light K8444357A-04 782979208389
Dome, red, 121 light K8444357A-03 782979232476
Replacement lamp, 36 watt K8107236A 782979215646