Federal Signal’s Models 110-120 Series Loudspeakers are designed for use in industrial public address and general alarm applications, where ATEX certification is required. The 110-120 Series Loudspeakers are available in either an ATEX Zone 1 explosion-proof version or a CE compliant, Marine-grade Industrial version.
Model 110-120 Series Loudspeakers are available in three different configurations, from 8 watt to 25 watt, to provide an appropriate amount of sound for the ambient environment. Each speaker is transformer coupled to fine tune the sound output for each application, and balance the audio load. Available audio inputs are 100 Vrms, 70 Vrms and 8-Ohm. 
Mounting is provided by a stainless-steel ratcheted mounting bracket that locks the sounder in position at a specific angle without slipping. The bottom surface of the mounting bracket also contains three mounting holes, to adapt to a variety of surfaces.
Models 110-120 Series Loudspeakers are rated for IP66/67 through the use of a neoprene “O” ring seal. All exterior cast aluminum surfaces are finished in powder coat paint and external hardware is manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion.


Type 8/15/25-Watt Dual Entry
Gland Entries 2 x M20 x 1.5 mm
Cable Termination 6A, 1.5 mm conductors
Mount Stainless Steel Bracket (not painted)
Loop Resistance Body & Horn - Marine Grade Aluminum Alloy
Audio Input 100V, 70V and 8-Ohms

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
110-110 Loudspeaker, 15W, 8 Ohm, Marine 782979219156
110-140 Loudspeaker, 15W, 70V, Marine 782979219163
110-150 Loudspeaker, 15W, 100V, Marine 782979219170
110-154 Loudspeaker, 15W, ISMT, Marine 782979222019
110-210 Loudspeaker, 15W, 8 Ohm, EExdIIC 782979221340
110-240 Loudspeaker, 15W, 70V, Zone 1 EExdIIC 782979223641
110-250 Loudspeaker, 15W, 100V, Zone 1 EExdIIC 782979221166
110-254 Loudspeaker, 15W, ISMT, Zone 1 EExdIIC 782979221357
110-710 Loudspeaker, 15W, 8 Ohm, Zone 1 EExdIIB 782979221173
110-740 Loudspeaker, 15W, 70V, Zone 1 EExdIIB 782979223634
110-750 Loudspeaker, 15W, 100V, Zone 1 EExdIIB 782979221180
110-754 Loudspeaker, 15W, ISMT, EExdIIB 782979221364
114-754-C-Q Loudspeaker, 8W, ISMT, EExdIIB, ceiling mount, added resistor 782979232445
120-110 Loudspeaker, 25W, 8 Ohm, Marine 782979219354
120-140 Loudspeaker, 25W, 70V, Marine 782979219361
120-150 Loudspeaker, 25W, 100V, Marine 782979219378
120-154 Loudspeaker, 25W, ISMT, Marine 782979219637
120-710 Loudspeaker, 25W, 8 Ohm, ExdIIB, double gland entry 782979219385
120-740 Loudspeaker, 25W, 70V, EExdIIB 782979219392
120-750 Loudspeaker, 25W, 100V, Zone 1 EExdIIB 782979219408
120-754 Loudspeaker, 25W, ISMT, EExdIIB 782979219415
120-754-20SNK3M Loudspeaker, 25W, ISMT, EExdIIB, 3M Cable 782979241171