LED Light Bar Comparison

Whether you’re purchasing a light bar for an emergency vehicle or an off-road truck or jeep, there are several factors you’ll want to consider to ensure you secure the light bar that’s right for your needs.

LED Reflector Technology
Light-emitting diodes, or LED light bars, are among the most efficient light bars on the market today. LED reflector technology on an LED light bar increases its efficiency by using a reflector, which controls and directs the light’s output. Additionally, reflectors help optimize the distribution of light. 

Color Light Bar
A color light bar allows the user to choose from various colors for signaling, warning, or enhancing visibility. The colors typically available in an LED color light bar include amber, blue, green, red, and white.

Rotator Technology
Rotator technology is commonly found on police light bars or emergency vehicles. The LED rotator creates a spinning effect to increase visibility and warn other drivers of an emergency. LED light bars can also include strobe lights, steady illumination, or flashing without the rotating effect.

LED Light Bar Profile
A low–profile LED light bar is generally lightweight and easy to install. They are more streamlined in appearance but still offer powerful illumination. 

Takedown and Alleys
Police light bars typically feature these technologies. Takedown lights offer intense illumination in front of the vehicle. LED alley lights aim outward to illuminate the sides of a vehicle. They work to improve visibility in spaces such as alleys and parking lots.

Choose the LED Light Bar That’s Right for You
The helpful chart below details the various features available from Federal Signal. Compare features to help you determine which LED light bar is right for you.

 Navigator®Vision® SLRAllegiant® SerialAllegiant® Discrete21" Allegiant®Relaint™Valor™Integrity™
Solaris® LED Reflector TechnologyXXXXXXXX
SpectraLux® Multicolor LEDXXXXXXXX
ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™)  XXXXXX
FS Convergence NetworkXXXXXXXX
FSJoin™  X   XX
SLR (Solaris® LED Rotator)XX      
HotFoot®*      X 
Available lengths (inches)10, 18, 25, 45, 53, 60, 73, 8746, 53, 6045, 53, 61, 7045, 53, 61, 70214844, 5144, 51
Non-Linear / V-Shape X    X 
Low-profile  XXXXXX
2-Color CapabilityXXXXXXXX
3-Color Capability X    XX
LED ColorsAmber, Blue, Green, Red, WhiteAmber, Blue, Green, Red, WhiteAmber, Blue, Green, Red, WhiteAmber, Blue, Green, Red, WhiteAmber, Blue, Green, Red, WhiteAmber, Red, WhiteAmber, Blue, Green, Red, WhiteAmber, Blue, Green, Red, White
Dome ColorsAmber, Blue, Clear, RedAmber, Blue, Clear, Green, RedAmber, Blue, Clear, Gray, RedAmber, Blue, Clear, Gray, RedAmber, Clear, Gray, RedRed, BlueClearClear
LED Takedown and AlleysXXXXTakedowns onlyXXX
LED SignalMaster™XXX  XXX
Flood LightingXXX XXXX
Online ConfiguratorXXXXX XX
Warranty (years)55555555
*HotFoot is only available for use with standard hook mounts