Introducing the StreamLine® Modular Series

Signaling Device

When you have a range of products that can be mixed and matched with each other offering a multitude of solutions... When you have a range of devices that can perform multiple functions... When you have devices that allow you to control more than one channel independently... When you have a range of bases that allow you to mount your devices in various manners... When you have all this, you have Federal Signal's new line of Streamline® Modular products... The first range of devices engineered to be Modular, Multifunctional, Multiple Input and Multivoltage. At Federal Signal we do not take challenges that are easily solvable... we do not take the ordinary for granted... and we make sure our daily mission is to deliver the best possible Total Solution to our customers. Welcome to a new opportunity of signaling options! Visit our StreamLine individual product pages to mix and match products that will fit your solution: SLM100 StreamLine® Modular Multifunctional LED Beacon SLM300 and SLM350 Streamline® Modular Multifunctional Low Profile LED Beacon SLM400 and SLM450 StreamLine® Modular Multifunctional Low Profile LED Status Indicator SLM500 StreamLine® Modular Multifunctional LED Combination Audible/Visual Signal SLM600 StreamLine® Modular Multifunctional High Output LED Combination Audible/Visual Signal SLM700 StreamLine® Modular Electronic Sounder SLM800 StreamLine® Modular High-Output Electronic Sounder