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Federal Signal Solutions

Law Enforcement  Lights and Sirens
Federal Signal is driving technology that provides safe and reliable emergency warning for first responders. It is our commitment to engineer the most reliable and high-performing products for your emergency vehicle. With the innovation of the Solaris LED Reflector, ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry), SmartSiren Platinum, SpectraLux multicolor LED capability, and the Rumbler intersectional clearing device, Federal Signal is clearly leading the way in innovative lights and siren solutions.


Law Enforcement  Stinger Spike System - Tire Deflation Device
Federal Signal is committed to producing quality, cost-effective tire deflation devices to assist law enforcement personnel in bringing pursuits to a safe and quick conclusion. We feel so strongly in the safety of law enforcement personnel and the public that we offer free Stinger Spike System training. Check out the Stinger Spike Systems and Rat-Trap II tire deflation systems.


Fire Apparatus
Designing products for fire trucks has been a tradition of Federal Signal for years. Our dedication to the fire market started with the introduction of the Q-Siren over fifty years ago. Since then, we have continued to build reliable products with the latest technologies. From the classic design of the Q-siren to the Solaris LED reflector design found in our lights, we are committed to provide products that will keep you safe while responding to an emergency call or while you are working on the scene.

Federal Signal offers a complete line of audible and visual warning equipment for the ambulance market. These products are designed with the highest regard for quality and effectiveness through innovative engineering. As seen with the Solaris LED reflector design that maximizes light performance, the e-Q2B siren that reproduces the trademarked Q-Siren wail and our back-up cameras to secure the safety outside the vehicle, Federal Signal's ambulance products provide unsurpassed warning for your emergency vehicle and protection for first responders.

Work Truck Market
Federal Signal's broad product line is flexible to equip utility, construction, DOT and
Tow & Recovery
vehicles. When your truck is ready, so are we. We now make it easier
for you to order our popular products with our 'Preferred Products Program'. This program allows our partners the flexibility to order a wide range of our most popular products with a commitment that we will ship within two business days from the time the order is placed.