PA300R Remote Siren
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Technical Specs and Approvals

Approvals: SAE J1849
Meets Class A (CAC)
Input Voltage: 11 VDC - 15 VDC
Standby Current: 120 mA (Typical)
Operating Current: 10A (max)
Operating Temp.: -30°C to +65°C
Dim. (H x W x D): Amplifier - 3.0 in x 6.5 in x 8.5 in (7.6cm x 16.5cm x 21.6cm)
6-Button Control Hd. - 2.3 in x 9.5 in x 1.3 in (5.9cm x 24.1cm x 3.3cm)
Microphone Control - 3.8 in x 4.8 in x 2.3 in (9.5cm x 12.2cm x 5.7cm)
Shipping Weight: 690014 - 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
690015 - 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg)


Audible Equipment may produce LOUD sounds necessary to request the right-of-way. Audible equipment may cause hearing damage. Wear hearing protection. Refer to the Installation Manual or call 800/433-9132 for further instructions.

Important Warning for Police Boats and Fire Rescue Boats

It has come to our attention that police boat and fire rescue boat sirens and speakers may subject persons operating those craft to sound pressure levels that can cause permanent hearing loss. We recommend that speakers be located as far forward on the boat as possible, as recommended in the SAE Recommended Practice J1849 "Emergency Vehicle Sirens". However, unprotected exposures of a sufficient duration to properly located siren speakers can still create a risk of hearing loss.

It is our recommendation that your siren speakers should be relocated and persons operating these craft should wear hearing protection when using the siren system.

Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss to operators and passengers of these vehicles.

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The PA300R takes the functionality of the traditional PA300 siren and combines it with the flexibility of remote mounted controls. The PA300R is designed to provide either 100-watt or 200-watt output and features wail, yelp, air-horn, hi-low tones, manual, PA, and radio rebroadcast.

The PA300R models are available with either one or two control heads. Siren control heads feature illuminated legends, large durable switches (push-buttons) for easy activation, and LED switch (button) indicators. The siren comes equipped with a remotely mounted microphone with volume control. For a clean appearance, the microphone control head features a plug-in microphone with an easy accessible mic hook. All controls are design to sit flush with the vehicle’s console.

The PA300R meets SAE J1849 and Class A requirements. 

  • Available in single and dual remote mounted control versions  
  • Includes remote mount noise-cancelling microphone and volume control
  • Siren features wail, yelp, air-horn, hi-low tones, manual and Tap II intersection clearing
  • Use with (1) or (2) 100-watt speakers or (1) 200-watt speaker
  • Control heads feature illuminated legends, LED indicators and large durable switches for easy control